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Our Rates


All quotations include dry voiceover fees, studio time (recording, editing and processing), digital encoding, and electronic delivery. Rates are subject to change without notice.


Two different pricing structures are available:


Per Job - Generally commercial and narration services fall into this category. For commercial services - rates are determined by market size, the actual spot count and length of term. For narration service - estimates are based on actual finished minutes of audio. Discounts are available.




Monthly Retainer - Retainers are usually best for those customers whose copy requirements are consistantly updated on an ongoing basis (Radio station imaging is a good example). The retainer plan offers the highest discount rate and several flexible term lengths are available to suit your needs.


Payment Terms

Vocalpoint accepts payment via PayPal or intrabank transfer. Clients within the Province of Alberta or within Calgary itself can choose from additional payment options.


Requesting a Quote for ServiceIf you require voiceover or digital media creation services, please describe your project in as much detail as possible and contact me by phone or by email. Following a review of your requirements, I would be pleased to provide a quote for services.


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