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Vocalpoint Studios is equipped with the very latest digital technologies for fine-tuning your results.



  • All voiceover material is performed through a Rode NTV condenser tube microphone.

  • The Rode NTV is processed through the industry standard Universal Audio LA-610 MK II preamp.

  • Audio is recorded direct to disk via the RME HDSPe Multiface II digital audio interface.

  • All workstations are custom built and feature Intel Processors with 4-8GB of RAM

  • All projects are mixed in Studio A on the Event 20/20 biamplified active monitor system.




  • Multitrack audio/video production projects - Presonus Studio One

  • Stereo/Mono audio production projects - Steinberg Wavelab 9

  • A/V projects - Sony Vegas Pro.

  • State of the art plugin processing technology from Universal Audio



  • The entire studio is tied together via high speed local area network which means your entire production is as close as the Internet.

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